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Banks Mountain Forest Farm in Western North Carolina.

Forest Farm Field Day
Saturday October 23rd, 2021 | 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Inclement weather date: 10.30.21

Forest Farm Field Day is a highlight of our days on the farm. This all-day event includes forest farm demonstrations including harĀ­vesting timber with horses. Lunch features farm-raised pork BBQ, with proceeds benefitting a local food pantry.

Forest Farming

At Banks Mountain Forest Farm, we practice silviculture, or forest farming, commonly defined as the cultivation of crops under a forest canopy that is intentionally modĀ­ified or maintained to provide shade levels and habitat for environmental health. Because of this, our crops are limited to those with at least some shade tolerance.

Living in Balance with Nature

Our home, a combination residence and barn that was built by a crew of visiting Amish timber frame barn builders and local friends, was raised using timber from trees cut and milled onsite. The home is entirely energy independent, heating the home and water with wood, leveraging power from solar sources, and pushing excess electricity back to the local utility grid.


At Banks Mountain Forest Farm, we are entirely energy independent, practice forest farming, and let our livestock graze in an environment that benefits the animals and environment.

Banks Mountain Forest Farm Management Goals

  • Sustainable Timber Harvests
  • Protect and Enhance Soil and Water Resources
  • Maintain and Enhance Wildlife Habitat
  • Promote Continued Recreational Use